cavi compensati termocoppie

Compensating and Extension Cables for high temperatures

To connect the thermocouple to an instrument, you can use cables composed of the same thermocouple materials or other materials provided that they retain the same thermoelectric characteristics of the thermocouple. These cables are defined compensating cables.

Special Cables for thermocouples:

Are cables with the same materials and the same thermal capacity of the thermocouple but with particular foreign coatings.




Based blend of flame retardant polyvinyl clorilo with excellent flexibility, water resistance and gasoline. Working range -30 ° C + 105 ° C




compound based on rubber with high resistance to high and low temperatures, flame retardant with excellent insulating properties. Working range -60 ° C + 180 ° C


Glass fiber:


the insulation consists of a braid, applied on the conductor impregnated with resins which increase the electrical and mechanical characteristics. The glass fibbra greatly increases the thermal resistance of the cable. Working range -60 ° C + 250 ° C

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