Automazione industriale

Progettazione impianti per processi a caldo
ad alto livello di automatizzazione

Forni industriali

Forni industriali a muffola, a pozzo, in continuo,
da laboratorio e su specifica del cliente

High temperature

Resistenze elettriche

Riscaldatori per industria alimentare, farmaceutica, automotive,
aerospace, stampaggio plastica e ricerca

Products for the industry

produzione industriale

BL Sistemi, through commercial agreements with the most important leaders of each sector and, thanks to collaborators of the highest profile, can offer a wide variety of products such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, or motion sensors, temperature control through temperature controllers or highly automated PLC systems.

We are able to create complete industrial automation systems, autoclaves for composite materials, industrial furnaces or simply provide spare parts for machinery such as electric heaters and static relay

Services for the industry

servizi industriali

BL sistemi, proposes itself on the modern market to study and resolve all issues, feasibility studies and the implementation of all those processes that are at the base of the most advanced industry.

We propose, on-demand solutions or service contract for the construction and maintenance of autoclaves for composite materials, industrial furnaces, industrial automation systems based on PLC or industrial PC.

Industrial automation

industrial automation

With the advent of ever newer and better performing industrial automation systems, we can use and put on the market, systems geared to the high-tech industrial production.

The best technology you can assess mainly in our production of industrial ovens and autoclaves for composite, where the technological factor stands out, both the hardware side andfrom the software

It continues by analyzing the new techniques for the construction of heating elements in particular on the microtubular heaters and heaters on silicon, for passing to the sensor verification systems such as thermocouples or PT100 (or RTD).

We employ a constant search for information regarding new technologies and we are in constant contact with our partners in order to offer to the end customer, high-tech solution.

Industrial furnaces

forni alta temperatura

Our main production line, is based specifically on the design and manufacture of industrial furnaces.


Thanks to the use of increasingly flexible technologies, we are able to implement any type of industrial furnace ranging from classical muffle furnaces for tempering metals or ceramic kilns, to continuous furnaces, shaft furnaces or for pharmaceutical applications. We realize high-pressure autoclaves for the production of carbon fiber parts mainly used in automotive and in aerospace or large furnaces for fiber vessels embodiments.


Our production of furnaces, is always accompanied by the on-board machine system that implement advanced controllers for industrial automation with which, thanks to proprietary algorithms, provide high performance, maximum reliability and absolute precision in all processes.

Electric heaters

resistenze elettriche

We produce and sell electric heaters suitable for every industrial sector, from the heaviest processes such as blast furnaces and industrial furnaces where they are used bare wire heating elements on refractory material or armored elements, up to processes that require absolute precision, using high yield heaters, as the microtubular Coil Heaters, infrared heaters or silicon heaters.


We are also leaders in the automotive field, where we can provide cartridge heaters, nozzle heaters and ceramic band heaters, which guarantee a high performance and high reliability.

Temperature controllers

controllo temperatura

Even in this case, we have a wide availability of temperature controllers, industrial timer and pulse counter, able to complete a whole range of products necessary to carry out any industrial process.

In addition, we produce to customer specification, any type of control unit, whether it consists of discrete temperature controllers which a controller inside the cabinet interfaced with operator panels


Sensori temperatura

Our range of products, is also completed with each type of sensor, from simple temperature ones, such as thermocouples and PT100, to the most complex pressure transducers and to the analog signal retransmission systems.

We propose systems for so-called heavy industrial sectors where probes will be applied with great mechanical strength, for example in plastic molds, extruders and so on and in the high technological content systems with very precise measurements as probes for the medical or sensors for the food.

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