Mineral Oil Heaters

riscaldatore olio minerale


This type of heaters are used specifically for the heating of tanks containing mineral oils and bitumens

Thanks to their low specific power, can be used in those environments where, due to the high viscosity of liquids, the normal heaters that would not last a few minutes

Given the specific use of these heaters, they are made with a specific armored cable and sealed by means of which can be lowered into the tank without the need to review the mechanics of the same


This heaters are divided into two types (in addition to the classic of threaded plug), namely those for manhole, characterized by a circular shape able to be lowered through the manhole of the tanks containing oils, hydrocarbons, bitumen, and those with lower power, supplied directly with a metal cable flexible pond, complete with electric cable and plug


  • Tanks containing mineral oils
  • Manholes
  • Heating of high viscosity liquids
  • Anti-freeze in the tanks containing oils, tars and other highly viscous substances


All the mineral oil heaters, are subjected to the test of quality and safety. The tests are performed with automatic machine and comply with all applicable legislation.


Sheath material AISI321 (standard), AISI304, AISI316, Incoloy
Ø element 8 o 10 mm
Process connection with metal sheath L.2000mm or rigid pipe thread for attachment
Cable free or with plug 16A L.2500 mm
Electrical insulation magnesium oxide
Resistie wire Ni/Cr 80/20
Power density 2 W/cm²

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