Heaters for sauna

Resistenze sauna

Heaters for sauna

The heaters for the sauna, also known as sauna stoves make up the thermal-heating element in the sauna, are generally used from a minimum of two elements up to a maximum of twelve, the heaters block is inserted in an appropriate container, which will be peridotiche filled with stones that are intended to absorb and retransmit the heat generated by the resistors. The heaters for saunas have a variable power that ranges from a minimum to a maximum of 1000W 3800W, are subjected to constant stress as a result have a life of about two years after which it is advisable to change them, different are the times for the private saunas, which saw less use can reach up to 5 years of life.

How to use the heaters inside the sauna

The only warnings in the installation and use of these strengths are that: during installation you have to be very careful when you place the stones so as not to subject the elements to excessive weight while during use to avoid that water goes directly to the resistors but only on the stones.

When you pay with a wooden spoon (never with the bucket) water on the stones, you have to do it very, very slowly.
In this way – besides avoiding dangerous and uncontrolled splashing – it is from time water to be dissipated and converted into steam and at the same time it is avoided that the same water is in direct contact with incandescent heaters. If this – unfortunately – were to happen, it would have a rapid decay of the resistance, due to the strong temperature to which it is subjected.

It is also good to know that the replacement of single resistor is not recommended.
Generally it proceeds to the replacement of the battery. Replacing just one element would mean the failure of the power loads and, in a short time, having to resort to a new replacement.

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