Industrial Automation

Monitoring and control panels of industrial facilities:

Industrial process control systems

Our command and control panels are the most technological, reliable and flexible you can find on the market. Instrumentation easy readability and maneuverability based on microprocessor controls (temperature controllers, programmable temperature controllers, PLC, linear transducers, load cells, encoder, inverter etc), you can interface quickly and simply with industrial PC, PLC, other control units and so on. Our control panels PLC-based systems perform, in addition to the main management and control task, even other functions: visualization of operational processes, alerting and reporting of all operating messages and, with increasing frequency, connection and transmission of information the administration department of the company. safety systems that comply with all applicable regulations ensure the operator can control all work processes without any risk, thanks to top-quality products. We offer the customer a consulting service and, working by his side, we can develop a complete and reliable system able to fulfill any of his requirements.

Industrial automation from the customer

BL Sistemi places the customer at the center of everything, for this, at your request, a specialist account will be sent to your location to find the solution to your desires and needs. With a simple analysis of all this, we can understand the way forward in the shortest possible time and proceed to the next step, the design.

Plant design

After a confrontation with our account, we will realize the schemes, according to your needs, that is to contain all the components that will form the industrial automation solution you need, and after a short time, we can offer one or more solutions to be taken

Impianti automazione industriale

Industrial automation: Components

Material analysis

BL Sistemi, as regards the industrial automation, benefits from partnerships with the best world producers of equipment for processes such as PLCs, temperature sensors, pressure transducers, load cells, drives, operator panels etc..

Process analysis

With the advent of the new millennium, we have witnessed a technological and cultural revolution in every sphere of our daily lives; processes have evolved in every area, just look in music where within a relatively short time, it has gone from 33 rpm to modern media through cassettes and CDs. Is no exception, where the industrial automation processes have seen develop increasingly more innovative and directed towards new paradigms. And this is where comes into play BL Sistemi thanks to the visionary spirit of Giuliano Buratti, responsible for processes related to industrial automation, can deliver leading-edge solutions and continuously updated

automazione industriale plc

Industrial automation: design

Specialised personnel

BL Sistemi, uses, in industrial automation, internal and external collaborators of the highest level. It starts from the account, which is in charge of direct relations with the customer, and with the drafting of the preliminary draft, it then goes to the project manager, which turns into technical feasibility what they thought about the customer and the account , then it goes by the technicians who practice and perform all the industrial automation process mechanically and pass all the programmer, who once entered all sorts of variable and function starts the function test. Once processed the whole process, it can be said that what was just an idea, it became a concrete automated system

Maintenance of industrial automation system

Contact BL Sistemi and we will make a quote tailored to your plant. This work is done usually in a semi-annual or annual survey which includes a detailed list of controls, adjustments and fine-tuning the entire system to ensure perfect functionality for your equipment.

Automazione industriale progettazione

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